Explore the             Pennsylvania Wilds

The Big Story Told Here
Two million acres of public lands, unsurpassed in natural beauty. Quaint towns awash in charm. The largest elk herd in the Northeastern United States. Welcome to the Pennsylvania Wilds – where discovery awaits.

You’ll find hundreds of miles of backpacking trails, bike paths, trout fishing streams, the Pine Creek Gorge (a.k.a. the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon), the Allegheny National Forest, and the darkest skies in the east at Cherry Springs State Park. Nestled among the forests, valleys, and pristine countryside are cozy lodgings, rustic campgrounds, unique artisans, and more to do than you’ll be able to fit into just one trip – a perfect reason to return. Interpretive signage along the Elk Scenic Drive tells of the region's rich history and heritage.

Bring Home The Pennsylvania Wilds
One way to cherish your time in the Pennsylvania Wilds is to bring home the work of its local craftspeople. Dotted throughout the region you'll discover country stores tucked into nooks and crannies. Bake shops and kitchens that will tempt your taste buds with samples of sweet treats. Artisans crafting their wares in workshops and studios. Wherever you look, you’ll spot one-of-a-kind restaurants, hotels and merchants. The real beauty of this land is in its people, and their pride is evident – crafted into every unique item.

The Nature Inn is located at the southern rim of the Pennsylvania Wilds. To find more details on the parks, trails, attractions, and events in each county, visit www.pawilds.com